Relaxation massage :


This massage will help decrease stress, anxiety and muscle tension. It’s a massage that is practiced on the body in general to provide relaxation and increase energy.








Massotherapy, Kinesitherapy and Orthotherapy :


Therapeutic massage : contrary to relaxing massage, this one targets specific regions (neck, shoulders, lower back…). It’s easier to achieve the desired goal of muscle relaxation and decrease in pain. Excellent combination to kinesitherapy.


Kinesitherapy :  massage therapy with movement aimed at reducing articulation and joint pain and also provide greater increased mobility.


Orthotherapy :  aims the chains and muscles of the deeper layers. It’s action is focused on postural muscles, postural reeducation through corrective exercises and elimination of chronic or degenerative diseases associatedwith lifestyles and the principle of ergonomics.




Sports massage : 


Without a doubt, this massage is ideal for muscle preparation and maximum muscle recovery after exercise, training or a competiton. It is designed for sports enthusiasts and active people to improve their performance. 




Pregnant woman massage :


This massage is done from the third month of pregnancy on. It is beneficial in reducing the feeling of heavy or swollen legs, varicose veins, lower back pain, neck stiffness, postural pain, cramps…





Chair massage :


Typically this massage lasts between 15-30 minutes, is done without oil on top of clothing.

Can be done at sporting or other events.

Also, excellent during work as it decrease muscle tension related to repetitive movements and stress. It will increase productivity and employee performance.


Lomi Lomi :


An original Hawaïan massage that is all encompassing, relaxing or revitalizing depending on the rythm and intensity of the movements. Traditionnally done with the hands, fists but most specifically the forearms.